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„The big Circumpendium“

deckblatt vorne english 1 thumbnailThis compendium deals with one of the most widespread surgical operations in the world – circumcision, the removal of the male foreskin. It came into being in close cooperation with the working group of men affected by circumcision within MOGiS e.V. and the Websites and, whom I wish to thank for their support.

The compendium covers all relevant topics regarding the surgery:

  • Anatomy and development of the male genital organ
  • Medical and non-medical reasons
  • Styles, techniques and instruments
  • Complications, risks and late effects
  • Methods and equipment for foreskin restoration
  • The historical background
  • A view on rights and ethics
  • Case histories of circumcised men

This document is published under a CreativeCommons license and may be freely distributed, in electronic and printed form. This includes making it available for download. Distribution of this document is explicitly encouraged.

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